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Kate Byars Photography
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451B Bishop Street, Suite 8
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Kate specializes in artistic capture of the story of your family. She photographs families in their homes, children at play and family history in the making.

What is the session like?

Plan to simply be with your family during the session. While 'fancy clothes' are welcome, Kate has photographed countless sessions with kids in muddy play clothes among favorite toys in a delightfully unkempt playroom. Together with Kate, you are creating not just images, but the memory of a day. Imperfections are absolutely welcome. During your session with Kate, you can play with pets, bike on the beach, snuggle stuffed animals, read books, eat ice cream and bake cookies. It's all welcome and does not preclude Kate's capture of the single, posed holiday card shot. All is possible.

How far in advance should I call for a shoot?

Kate’s shooting schedule is typically very full in the Fall season, as her clients prepare for holiday cards and gift-giving. For your choice of dates, please plan to call three to six weeks in advance.

What days and locations are available?

Kate photographs on Tuesday through Saturday, in any city you choose. Kate typically spends her summer in Europe photographing families on vacation and is available for destinations abroad throughout the year.

What times are available?

Shoots are best either before or after lunch, when the light is beautiful and children have had a nap and a snack. Night time shoots are very rare to non-existent as Kate’s main medium is light. 

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